The FT-She 100

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Aerospace & Defence


Hilda Hewlett (1864-1943) Pilot and aircraft manufacturer

Laura Annie Willson (1877-1942) Property developer

General Financial

Louisa Thomson-Price (1864-1926) Shareholder activist

Financial Services

Household Goods

Gertrude Jekyll (1843-1932) Garden designer

Agnes Garrett (1845-1935) Interior designer with her cousin, Rhoda Garrett


Alice Head (1886-1981) Magazine editor

Alice Hughes (1857-1939) Photographer

Nancy Pearn (1892-1950) Literary agent

Lotte Reiniger (1899-1981) Film-maker and artist

Margaret, Lady Rhondda (1883-1958) Magazine owner


Evelyn Barlow (1880-1962) Auctioneer

Lucy Duff Gordon (1863-1935) Designer and dress maker

Louise Jopling (1843-1933) Painter and art school founder

Hilda Leyel (1880-1957) Fund-raiser and founder of Culpeper

Ada Nettleship (1856-1932) Designer and dress maker

Elspeth Phelps (1876-1968) Designer and dress maker

Support Services

Nancy Bailey (1860-1913) Indexing sevices

Helen Cox (1860-1930) Accounting services

Cecil Gradwell (1855-1942) Secretarial and accounting services

Emma Paterson (1848-1886) Printing services


Dora Metcalf (1892-1982) Information services

Travel & Leisure

Lena Ashwell (1869-1957) Actor and producer

Emma Cons (1838-1912) Coffee shop owner

Kate Cranston (1849-1934) Tea shop owner

Helen Lenoir (1852-1913) Theatre manager

Kate Meyrick (1875-1933) Nightclub owner